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We are a reliable and trustworthy partner for our customers, since we have the competence to have a say in the development of the whole concept from the very beginning of the development phase.

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Machine Build

Machine Build

SMITECH OÜ offers manufacturing and industrial equipment production services.

Our core capability lies in engineering project management – we manage the entire process from component sourcing to equipment commissioning. We are a reliable and trustworthy partner for our customers, since we have the competence to have a say in the development of the whole concept from the very beginning of the development phase – this way the end customer gets a production line and/or an industrial device which is reliable and safe.

We offer our customers a comprehensive mechanical engineering service:

  • Project management
  • Sourcing and manufacturing of components
  • Assembly of the device
  • Commissioning and testing of the device
  • Installation works
  • After-sales maintenance and technical support

If necessary, we also have the ability to help with product development in the design of mechanical, electrical and automation systems.

Electronics industry

Automotive industry

Wood industry

Food industry

Mechanical engineering service areas

Project management

Our project management is based on the following points:

  • Customer-centric approach
  • Open communication and honest feedback
  • Transparency

We consider confidentiality and reliability to be particularly important. Accordingly, we sign confidentiality agreements with both customers and suppliers, so that no one’s interests are harmed. Contemporary project management software and work methods ensure that deadlines are met.


We have worked hard to find partners from whom to source quality products at the best possible price and delivery times on the market.

As part of a mechanical engineering project, we source all purchase products from bolts and nuts to advanced automation components.

During our long period of operation, we have been able to create an excellent network of partners in order to offer fast delivery times even under the challenging circumstances we are facing today!

Sourcing and manufacturing of components

Smitech OÜ has a very good and wide network of partners for purchasing products as well as manufacturing special products.

1. Preparation of the mechanical systems of the device, inspection of purchased products and installation works

2. Electrical and automation systems installation work

  • assembly of control panel
  • cabling and marking
  • installation work and adjustment of sensors and actuators
  • stressing
  • testing

3. Installation of software

  • PLC program setup work
  • starting of industrial robots etc.

Commissioning and testing

During testing, we make sure that the manufactured device meets the requirements of all valid standards and that all parts of the device work as intended.

Installation works

Our experienced team has the ability to quickly, efficiently and safely install the manufactured equipment in the location that suits you.

We have the necessary experience and training for the safe and secure installation of equipment in the customer’s production facility.

In the case of larger devices, we are also ready to produce the device on site at the customer’s location to reduce the time required to transport the line.

After-sales maintenance works and support

Our goal is to help our customers as much as possible throughout the life cycle of the machine.

Consequently, we offer the following follow-up services for the devices we have already manufactured:

  • Procurement, production and storage of spare parts
  • Equipment renewal and reconstruction works
  • Carrying out maintenance work according to a maintenance contract
  • Moving and installation work of lines
  • Training of production personnel

Completed projects

Automation engineer working

Modular houses assembly line

In cooperation with a mechanical engineering office, we developed an assembly line for the production of modular houses for our client. We produced the entire mechanical system, designed the electrical and automation systems, developed the software and commissioned the device in the customer’s production facility.